Coventry, United Kingdom; 09, February 2016: GoldenLux is one the UK's leading gold plating service providers. With years of industry experience, the company gold-plated many items for its clients.

From the beginning, GoldenLux concentrated its efforts on gold plating small personal items. Examples included watches, jewellery and even small electronics like the Apple iPhone! Other examples include items like taps, shower trays and even light fittings. Today, the company is enjoying phenomenal growth in the market.

There's no denying that GoldenLux has the Midas touch! The Coventry-based firm is happy to announce the expansion of their gold-plating services.

GoldenLux now offers commercial and industrial gold-plating services

When the company began trading, it offered its services to individuals. Today, GoldenLux can now cater for larger commercial and industry gold plating work.

From exhibition stands to shop fittings, no job is too big (or too small) for GoldenLux. Its founder, Kristian Poliszczuk, says his firm prides itself on offering high-quality work. What's more, he will get involved on a personal level to discuss any specific needs.

GoldenLux is a company famed for its professional attitude. But, it also offers a personal service. And that's something seldom seen by many gold plating companies these days!

Gold plating offered in a range of weights and styles

A unique benefit of using GoldenLux for one's gold plating needs is their flexibility. For example, they are happy to plate in a range of weights and styles, such as:

* 24-carat;
* 18-carat;
* 9-carat;
* Rose gold;
* White gold; and
* Antique-look.

Such flexibility means that clients enjoy a gold plating solution that meets their needs. The friendly team at GoldenLux are happy to discuss any bespoke gold plating requirements.

GoldenLux can gold-plate just about anything!

One might think that's quite an ambitious statement. But, it's a fact! GoldenLux has had requests to gold-plate all kinds of objects over the years. It doesn't matter whether the base material is metal or plastic. GoldenLux has the skill and technology to make it happen.

Size is of no object either. From wedding rings to large electronics and household accessories. GoldenLux can give your items the Midas touch!

Mobile gold plating service now available

There will be times where it can be inconvenient or difficult to supply items to GoldenLux. In those circumstances, the company can offer an on-site gold plating service. This is just one of the many reasons that make the company a flexible and attractive proposition.

About GoldenLux:

A Coventry-based company that specialises in gold plating. GoldenLux has years of industry experience and are experts in their field. The firm provides gold plating services to domestic and commercial clients across the UK.

GoldenLux provides gold plating services in a range of different weights and styles. The size of the object to plate is no problem for the company. They also offer a mobile gold plating service.

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