February 29th 2016 - The latest innovation from The CAO Group is in-office whitening strips. These are the first strips with just a one-minute application time. Once applied by the dental professional, the client then wears them for a further 30 minutes for the ingredients to perform the whitening action. This means that a whitening procedure can be performed as a part of a standard dental check up, with no additional appointments required. When used in conjunction with a standard home whitening system, the patient will see the results they desire without the costly investment of time and money that a standard clinic based treatment comprises.

These new whitening strips are constructed from an incredibly thin and malleable material. Its flexibility means it can contour and adapt to different teeth shapes, while its gelatinous form allows it to adhere to the surface of the teeth easily. It forms a tight bond and holds the whitening agent against the surface of each tooth, which prevents leakages and missed spots. The discreet nature of the strips makes them ideal for people who want a solution that allows them to get on with their everyday lives. They can conduct their normal routine, go to work, talk, and even drink, without ever revealing they are whitening their teeth.

These strips contain 20% hydrogen peroxide, which delivers effective whitening action with little to no sensitivity. They are ideal for active people who want the convenience of a home whitening system with the peace-of-mind a dental professional delivers. Gogo Smile offers a great range of effective products that can be used in conjunction with this new innovation, as well as existing clinic based treatments. Tooth whitening is a process that can require several applications and combining in-clinic and at-home systems gives clients flexibility both with their time and their budget.

Contact GOGO Smile Teeth(https://www.gogosmile.com.au/) Whitening for further information and begin your tooth whitening journey today. Experience the increase in confidence and happiness for yourself and put your best smile forward at all times.

Laura Pitcairn
Director of Products
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