Godrej Security Solutions offers control to home owners, through a range of innovative security solutions in its latest campaign ‘Ab Musibat Se Darna Kaisa’

-          showcases new and innovative products

December,  Godrej Security Solutions (GSS), one of the leading providers of comprehensive security solutions in India, showcased its latest security products in Dehradun to coincide with the launch of their new national ad campaign for this year. The new ad executions; an extension of last year’s successful campaign ‘Ab Musibat Se Darna Kaisa’ continues to harness humor as a vehicle to promote adoption of security solutions by bringing alive the benefits of Godrej Safes in a clutter breaking manner. The campaign is focused on empowering the consumer and driving home the point, that armed with Godrej Security Solutions, one can be fearless and in total control of their house and valuables.

The new ads were put together after intensive consumer insight mining across the country. An important finding as a result was that while many consumers have heard of Godrej Safes, there is a lack of knowledge about the range of safes which GSS offers and how they can fit into their lives — This thought is often manifested in rationalizations like “What if someone breaks-in when I am away?”

Home security products have huge potential in India. However the problem lies in adoption of the category. The campaign in 2010, ‘Musibat Kabhi Bata Ke Nahi Aati’ helped the brand pierce the cultural shield that the consumer had used in his defence, with many consumers believing that security lapses happen all the time, but they won’t happen to them.

Despite the evolving mindset and increased awareness, in 2012, research revealed that consumers still had concerns that in spite of taking preventive measures taken, threats cannot be completely eliminated. To paraphrase a typical homeowner’s response, “No matter what security systems I put in place, burglars are so advanced in their techniques, that I won’t have any control.” Added to this, there was a greater sense of uncertainty due to heightened security concerns.  Nuclearization of families, increase in working couples and rising incomes leading to accumulation of precious things at home were factors which added to these. Hence the campaign in 2012, ‘Ab Musibat Se Darna Kaisa’ was aimed at instilling confidence in the minds of the consumers by giving him control in an uncertain environment. The home owner became the main protagonist.

Taking forward the campaign thought of ‘Ab Musibat se Darna Kaisa’ which resonated well with consumers, GSS is now bringing alive the benefits of Godrej Safes in a clutter breaking manner. The new campaign dimensionalizes control through a range of safes with innovative features as E-Bio, Matrix with I-warn etc, which only GSS offers. It maximizes relevance & differentiation by showcasing how this range of safes, can benefit different homeowners.

Explaining the insight that led to the development of this year’s campaign, Mr.  Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head of Marketing, Godrej Security Solutions said, “When we began our brand journey in 2010, consumers had a sense of denial but today they have evolved and are aware of the importance of security needs. However, they still believe that despite all preventive measures taken, threats cannot be completely eliminated. Also, our research revealed that while many consumers have heard of Godrej Safes, there is a lack of knowledge about the range of safes offered by GSS and how they can fit in their lives. Hence we decided to further dimensionalize control and give the consumers reasons to believe in this year’s campaign. The TVC was constructed in a manner that provided control of the situation to him in different situations. Keeping the brand communication codes intact, we decided to amplify the messaging by using a subtle dose of humor. This had worked wonderfully in the past and helped the brand pierce the cultural shield that the consumer had used in his defence.”

Godrej Security Solutions has witnessed market defining growth over the past couple of years. The brand campaigns over the last few years have helped garner tremendous saliency for the brand by tapping the tremendous growth potential in the home market for the category which was untapped. To complement this year’s TVCs GSS is undertaking a 360 degree approach to the campaign with a series of ATL and BTL activities with a major focus on TV. In addition, GSS plans to utilize social media and events for sales promotion to tap into a younger audience.

GSS also showcased its range of ultramodern safes, including the recently launched Matrix with I-warn technology - India’s first home safe that that triggers off an alarm if it is being tampered with and sends instant SMS alerts or recorded voice messages to pre-registered phone numbers. The technology for the safe has been completely built in-house at GSS.

Other contemporary safes on display were E-Bio, E-Swipe, Privy, and Secreto.These robust safes are easy to use, strong, compact, durable and are also designed to protect valuables, cash and important documents. Available in a range of sizes, colours and designs, they offer increased protection, convenience and peace of mind.

  • Privy: A top opening safe that is ideal for hiding valuables within their flooring for extra security. Equipped with features such as a feather-touch keypad, this is flexible enough to be installed inside a drawer as well. The safe is priced at INR 10199
  • Secreto: A modern drawer opening safe that slides easily and can be used as a drawer and fitted in the wardrobe. The safe has telescopic slides to access the inner most part of the safe. It is priced at INR 11499
  • E-Bio: Using the latest technology, the E-Bio safe locking system ensures that one’s valuables are protected with the most intricate key design; one’s own fingerprints. The safe is priced at INR 12999
  • E-Swipe: A well designed safe enabled with an advanced swipe reader. It can be locked and accessed by the use of debit/credit cards which enhances security while adding to the interiors of the house as well. It is priced at INR 12499
  • Ritz: This soon to be launched safe, sends an alarm when attacked. It will be priced between INR 18,000 — 21,000

All the products showcased are available across multi-trade outlets and showrooms in Uttarakhand.

GSS business plans for Uttarakhand

GSS operates through 11 dealers, 2 large distributors, 25 retail counters in Uttarakhand. GSS has approximately 80 % market share in Uttarakhand with 80% market share in the banking segment and 60% in the jeweler segment.

In the institutional segment we aim to achieve 14 crores this year and grow to 16 crores by next year. In the home segment, we aim to achieve 1 crore and touch 1.5 crore next year.


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