Orlando, FL— March 07, 2016 — Post-workout pain can be due to inflammation in the tissue. Inflammation takes place as the natural immune response of the body towards training. There are pain medications available, but more and more people nowadays are resorting to natural remedies.

Glucosamine is one of the top ten recovery supplements today. Glucosamine is a naturally-occurring substance inside the body that is believed to be therapeutic. It is thought to help lubricate the joints and repair damaged cartilage.

A few hours after exercising, a series of reactions are usually triggered by the immune system. These reactions take place as an effort to aid in the repair of tissue damage, especially to the muscles and joints. According to experts, the inflammatory response has three phases.

The first phase is when the blood accumulates at the area of the muscle damage. This can cause heat, swelling, and stiffness. The second phase is when there is a migration of white blood cells to the site. The cells also gather debris from cells that are damaged.

The last phase takes place when the macrophages gets into the picture, cleans up, and then stimulates the regeneration of tissues. Recovery often lasts for 48 hours, unless a serious injury is involved.

“Today, there are many glucosamine supplements available in the market,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

Glucosamine is thought to be beneficial for overall health. It is even widely used by athletes and individuals who suffer from arthritic conditions. Many people reported some significant improvements in their mobility and pain due to the use of the natural alternative.

What makes glucosamine more beneficial is that it offers a natural process of repair, especially to damages cartilage. Individuals who are engage in rigorous physical activities are more likely to suffer from injury and have more nutritional needs.

Aside from tissue inflammation, intense and repetitive workouts can also cause joint pain over time. The loss of lubrication and flexibility due to exercise may result to wear and tear. The good news is that glucosamine has the potential to replenish this loss, and regain joint health.

Experts believe that glucosamine can boost the production of the natural joint lubricant called the synovial fluid in the body. It can potentially slow down the degeneration of the cartilage as well as repair the connective tissue.

There are other recovery supplements recommended for recovery. The good news is there are supplements that do not only contain glucosamine, but also chondroitin, msm, and turmeric, which are also recovery supplements (http://amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Chondroitin-Supplement-Turmeric/dp/B00DUMO9X4)
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