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Glenmark launches “Digihaler - India’s first DigitalDose Inhaler (DDI)” for Asthma and COPD medication

  • Digihaler, the next-gen digital inhaler provides accurate digital dose counter along with low dose warning indicator to track patience adherence
  • Digihaler is the next-gen digital inhaler with high precision drug delivery system
  • With the launch of “Digihaler”, Glenmark expands and strengthens its product offerings in respiratory category
  • According to estimates, 50 to 70 per cent of asthma patients in India do not adhere to prescribed treatment regimen, and suffer in the long run.


MUMBAI, 2016: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited, the research-led global integrated pharmaceutical company today announced launch of “Digihaler — India’s first Digital Dose Inhaler (DDI).” This next-gen inhaler provides accurate digital dose counter along with low dose warning indicator to enable Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients to track adherence to their therapy.

As per WHO estimates 2007, there are 300 million people currently suffering from asthma globally, and it is expected that could increase by further 100 million by 2025. There have been 2,50,000 deaths per year globally and 57,500 deaths per year in India.

Today, there are about 35 million asthmatics in India and about 40% patients have an uncontrolled asthma and over 60% have partially controlled asthma.

It is a known fact that, patient’s compliance is worldwide challenge in any chronic disease treatment, especially in Asthma and COPD condition, where daily preventative medication is crucial for its treatment. Implication of non-adherence leads to poor control symptoms, worsening the quality of life, high mortality rate which further increases health care expenditure and so on.Globally over 50% of patients have asthma that is not well controlled. In India about 40% patients have an uncontrolled asthma and over 60% have partially controlled asthma.

On the occasion of the launch, Sujesh Vasudevan, President and Head of India Formulations & Africa Region, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, said, “We feel Digital revolution will play a central role in the industry. Especially in Asthma and COPD disease, were patient’s non-adherence to treatment regimeis age old challenge worldwide,and also one of major reason for inadequate control of asthma and COPD across age groups. Digihaler is “India’s First Digital Dose Inhaler (DDI)”,aims to address this age old challenge, the device will enable the patients to track the number of doses that have been consumed and prominently placed indicator provides a low dose warning which is beneficial to patients.This will further enable the doctors to determine patient’s adherence to the prescribed therapy regime.”

“Digihaler also addresses the issue of pseudo-adherence & tail-off phenomenon which leads to poor outcome of the therapy. Pseudo-adherence is when patients thinks that he/she taking their medication but in reality is just activating a nearly empty canister. A “tail-off” phenomenon occurs when patients continues to use the inhaler beyond the recommended number of doses and the drug delivery per actuation becomes inconsistent and unpredictable, with the amount of active drug eventually becoming negligible.”

He added further, “With the launch of Digihaler, Glenmark is committed to provide innovative and world class products at affordable prices, and it further expands and strengthens our product offerings in the respiratory category too”

Digihaler, represents a next-gen inhaler which is “India’s First Digital Dose Inhaler” (DDI). The device has DDI enabled with electronic dose metered kit which ensures ‘Precise’ or ‘Accurate’ delivery of dosage for ‘Assured’ benefits. The revolutionary Digital Dose Inhaler — DDI offers several benefits like low dose display forewarning the patient about the impending end of the ‘recommended’ doses, end dose display, so device can be replaced with a new one’ and “Tail-Off” phenomenon


About Glenmark

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (GPL) is a research-driven, global, integrated pharmaceutical company headquartered at Mumbai, India. It is ranked among the top 80 Pharma & Biotech companies of the world in terms of revenues. (SCRIP 100 Rankings published in the year 2014). Glenmark is a leading player in the discovery of new molecules both NCEs (new chemical entity) and NBEs (new biological entity). Glenmark has several molecules in various stages of clinical development and is primarily focused in the areas of Inflammation [asthma/COPD, rheumatoid arthritis etc.] and Pain [neuropathic pain and inflammatory pain].




The company has a significant presence in branded generics markets across emergingeconomies including India. GPL along with its subsidiary has 14 manufacturing facilities in four countries and has six R&D centers. The Generics business of Glenmark services the requirements of the US and Western Europe markets. The API business sells its products in over 80 countries, including the US, various countries in the EU, South America and India.

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