Give a new dimension to your hobby

Someone says truly “Where there is will, there is way”


While some lucky people love their jobs, many of us made our current career decisions based on opportunity, stability, convenience, or profit. Though all of those are justifiable reasons to stay in a position, but they might not satisfy you that much as compared to your favourite job, means doing a job you truly love.

Finding your perfect profession can be as simple as asking yourself what do you love doing? If your answer is includes one of your hobbies and not your 10-to-7 job, then it might be time to start thinking about turning your hobby into a career.

As you all have watched the movie “3 Idiots”, in which everybody was running in cut throat competition to get a high salaried job, but only the 3 idiots who were the heroes of the film got satisfaction from turning their hobby in to career.

One of such hero, about which we are talking today is Rakesh Verma, founder of ShantiMann and WeddingMama. According to him”I got inspiration from road side statues, why only leaders and famous people have their statues, why not a common man can have their own statue in Mini form. He made his first miniature of Mr.APJKalam, and now he is the owner of ShantiMann, A central india’s creative agency based in Indore. Among his achievements WeddingMama is also another one, wedding planner and photography service provider.

Today Rakesh Verma is a well-known Sculptor, Creative Director, Art Director, Designer and Photographer. He delivers complete range of art services from any wedding events to personal gifting ideas. He has a dedicated team to serve his clients better and enhance the services offered. He has also known for his god gifted talent and therefore people used to call him Rakrit. He has successfully converted his passion into his business and enjoying doing his favourite job.

Nobody in the world get tired by exercising their own hobbies, because hobbies keep us creative, make us feel happy and satisfied. A person could give his/her 100 percent if asked to do his favourite job to make a career. So don’t be a part of cut-throat competition to get a monotonous job, just for making money. Instead identify your talent, hobby, passion, love and welcome them all at the door of your career to become a successful and satisfied personality.