Website to provide resource for quality Gaming products, Batteries for tech hobbyists and Power banks for the socially engaged.

Shenzhen, China — Bak-tech, a leading Chinese supplier of new and replacement battery products, have expanded into the burgeoning Gaming market with the launch of their new site In a Global market currently worth a staggering ninety-one billion dollars a year, has been set up to bridge the gap between high quality Gaming products and affordability.

Utilizing Amazon's fulfillment service, privately owned production centers and the latest Geo-location software, designs, manufactures, ships and distributes, through Amazon's world leading online marketplace. Cutting out middleman costs at every juncture, ensuring only the highest quality products reach the market at the lowest possible cost to the buyer.

Spokeswoman for, Anna Dong, told us, “Popularity for online Gaming has exploded over the past decade but many, mainly younger, Gamers have been completely unable to purchase high quality PC gaming accessories due to high market costs — Our products and network change this.” will still offer battery related products, for which they are globally renowned. Drone and RC car enthusiasts can still find the perfect batteries to extend the time they spend pursuing their hobby, as well as offering car jump starter kits and a full range of power banks to keep your mobile or tablet running that bit longer. Purchasing couldn't be easier, with Dong adding, “Finding the right Amazon store to purchase your products from is no problem. Our intelligent website automatically knows where in the world you are and automatically connects you to the right store whether you are in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy or Germany and takes you to the most relevant store if you are not”. is owned by Bak-tech, a fully licensed and certificated, worldwide manufacturer of batteries and battery related products. Individual items can be purchased directly through their site. However, bulk orders and bespoke production inquiries are also welcome.

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