Ghibli EVO, an Italian company known for the production of efficient and good quality hairdryers has recently unveiled the much awaited collection of water-proof hairdryers. It was also disclosed by the company’s spokesperson that the newly launched collection of hairdryers will also perform silently and are mountable on the wall.


The spokesperson remarked, “Every division in the company has been working tirelessly to bring products that aim to satisfy customer satisfaction and requirements. Today, we are very pleased to present our old as well as new customers a taste of what true engineering and technology really are capable of. All our products are IP54 certified and have been assembled with special anti-theft system.”


“Moreover, not only are the hairdryers water-resistant but even fire-proof as well”, reiterated the spokesperson. For a company that designs and manufactures every product from scratch at their own production facility this fresh venture is a big step towards gaining the much required visibility in the Italian market and beyond.


As per reliable sources, the water-proof wall mountable and silent hairdryers from Ghibli EVOare designed keeping in mind maximum safety of the users. Also, these equipments offer high performance features along with a very low level of noise, approximately 68 decibels. The hairdryers from the Italian brand are also known for their easy to install feature as well while every model comes equipped with energy saving capabilities made possible with the low wattage heating element.


As per the words of the spokesperson, “We as an electronic production company follow industry standards and maintain every possible regulation as laid down by the concerned department. Besides, our products are protected by the Design and Technology Invention Patents.” Later, he also announced that the company is willing to create such innovative and ultra modern products intended to provide efficiency and performance. For more details go to


About Ghibli EVO


It is an Italian based hairdryer manufacturing company known for producing hairdryer models that are water-proof, fire-resistant, wall mountable, silent, and more such effective features.




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