Tiger Tiger, one of New Zealand’s leading digital marketing and strategy agencies has released its user onboarding best practices infographic, the result of a collaboration with Seattle based company Killer Infographics.
The infographic is a visual guide to the best practices that SaaS (Software as a Service) companies should be employing in order to retain new users. User Onboarding is the process of guiding a user through your product to show them how it works.
“Good user onboarding provides a strong first impression of your product and allows a user to get to know how to use it, increasing the chance that they will stick around and continue to use it,” says Tiger Tiger CMO Mark Hayes.
Mark says Slack is an excellent example of user onboarding at work.
“When you first sign up with Slack you are taken to a welcome screen and your details are checked before you move on.  From there they show you how to setup your account and how to invite other members of your team to join you. Once inside, they use the product itself to introduce you to its features, which is a pretty cool way of getting the user involved with the product from day one.”
Tiger Tiger
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