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Getmapping supplies OS topographic map data in several formats

Hampshire, United Kingdom, April 05, 2011 Getmapping, Ordnance Survey Partners and one of the well connected providers of map datasets in the United Kingdom, is now providing OS topographic map datasets in a variety of high level professional formats. The datasets, which are used in a wide selection of applications, can be purchased in formats suitable for all the normal uses of topography data in commercial situations.

Getmapping (http://www2.getmapping.com) is providing the nation with a large scale OS topographic dataset in both raster and vector forms, with suitability for AutoCAD use in the vector format. The topographic map data supplied by Getmapping can be delivered as JPEG, ECW or TIFF in a raster form.

Getmapping also holds OS datasets at increasing levels of scale enabling customers to purchase digital topographic information suitable for town maps, planning maps and even street level maps. Users can choose from the following scales: 1:10,000; 1:25,000; 1:50,000 and a street view level.

All scaled versions of the OS topographic map data supplied by Getmapping (http://www2.getmapping.com/Products/Ordnance-Survey) are available as JPEG or ECW files. In the 1:10,000 scale of topographic data, customers can opt for a non geo referenced raster format of both the JPEG and ECW versions.

From data analysis to property and estate management; from developmental planning to environmental analysis; and for the creation of customised location maps, the array of OS topographic data offered by Getmapping is extremely useful and versatile.

On the street level scale, Getmapping supplies OS data in a format that enables customisable map making, by using a colour palette to hide or enhance features.

About Getmapping
Getmapping is a UK based company offering aerial photography and data hosting solutions. The company supplies OS topographic maps in a range of sizes and formats, and also offers LiDAR from two suppliers.

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