Since the year it was invented, the basic pH meter has been used for various purposes until today. Homeowners are using the device to test the acidity and the alkalinity of substances. These substances are reverse osmosis systems, drinking water, soda, swimming pool and more.

Much of what the basic pH meter can do is credited from award-winning chemists back in the years. According to the website, Nobel Prize recipient Fritz Haber and his student Zygmunt Klemensiewicz developed the glass electrode components of the basic pH meter in 1909.

According to the official website of the Nobel Prize, Haber made several electrochemical studies in the past. He worked with electrodes to know the acidity of a liquid. This laid the foundations on using glass electrodes when testing the pH of substances.

“This led Haber to make the first experimental investigations of the potential differences that occur between solid electrolytes and their aqueous solutions, which were of great interest to physiologists,” the website added.

Meanwhile, the modern pH meter associated with the basic pH meters used today was invented by American chemist Arnold Beckman. noted that this chemist discovered how glass electrodes work with amplifiers and voltmeters in order to test pH levels.

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