17, November 2014: The Australians who love to travel have been warned against buying the travel insurance Australia cover blindly. A review done on the overseas travel insurance policies reported that choosing an insurance cover without the close consideration on the terms and conditions can result to you paying too much money. 

The blame for the haste decisions made by the passengers during the travel insurance selection can solely be placed on the airlines. The Consumer group choice spokesman Tom Godfrey has stated that a test done on three major airlines reported that the passenger barely has time to read the policies. The test reported that some of the airlines gave their customers around 10 minutes to read the lengthy document. Most of them make the decisions in haste as the time usually runs out before they reach half way. 

The three major airlines; Virgin Australia, Qantas and Jester have stated that it is advisable for the passengers to get the travel insurance Australia cover before they travel to avoid haste decisions. 

You have been advised to compare the insurance policies early in advance as not all of the offer extensive cover. Some of the Australian insurance covers do not offer cover for any pre-existing medical conditions. This means that if an accident could occur triggered by the condition, you may be forced to use your own money to seek for medical attention. 

An insurance policy is a complex document and one should take time to read the document so that they can choose the right policy.