As a home owner, it is your responsibility to secure and to protect your property, especially these modern days, when criminals use all kinds of gadgets to steal from properties. In order to overcome these potential incidents, home and business owners are particular interested in opting for modern and sophisticated electric gates, for ensuring a high level of safety and security. As there are so many electric gates available on the market, it is recommendable to search over the Internet and see which one is more suitable for them. Some of the best and most appreciated electric gates are VIDEXand FAAC. It is worth knowing that VIDEXis considered to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of access control and door entry systems, being formed in 1985. Regarding the other supplier, FAACspecializes in providing: parking systems, shutter operators, barriers, up and over door operators,automatic doors systems, access control systems,gear motors designed for sliding gates and shutter operators.


Trade Electric Gates UK has become one of the most important suppliers of the five global market leaders of Gate Automation Manufacturers: NICE, FAAC, CAME, BPT and BFT. This impressive and reputable company is specialized in selling parking management systems, access control systems, bollards, barriers, automated garage doors and all kinds of accessories. Being a valuable part of the Electric Gates UK, Trade Electric Gates UK have only highly qualified and experienced engineers, with great technical abilities.


VIDEXis considered to be one of the most appreciated suppliers and manufacturers of access control products and door entry in the United Kingdom and since it was established in 1985, this company has expended their products in order to satisfy the needs of public and private sectors. These systems are available with audio and video kits, biometric and access control systems, DDA Door Entry and Door Entry Systems.


FAACis another important electric gate supplier that you could trust, being available on this market for over 40 years. What’s really great about this provider is the fact they have introduced hydraulics to the gate opening field in 1965 and given that, they have gained a great reputation in this industry.

To sum up, ensuring a high level of security and safety has become a major concern for home and business owners and that’s why, the market is filled with plenty of options to choose from. You are invited to get in touch with the representatives of Trade Electric Gates UK if you have further questions regarding their electric gates.


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