19, October 2015: Nowadays, as life condition gets better, people have more options in the diet and spend less effort on travelling. Therefore, it is much easier for them to become fatter, especially under the circumstance when people always go to their destinations by car. The point is that they have no time to do exercises. However, with the help of Airwheel electric scooter, they can get to their destinations and meanwhile keep fit.


Take Jane for example. She is an ordinary office worker who has her own car. Generally, she would drive to work every day and seldom do any exercises. Over the past 3 years, she has put on 20 pounds, making her a plump woman from a slim and pretty girl. However, she is so busy with her work that she cannot spare any time to go to gym. She was very distressed and mortified. A week ago, she saw someone riding a single-wheeled scooter on the road and constantly twisting his waist, which aroused her interest. Through some research on the Internet, she found a vehicle called Airwheel self-balancing scooter which could be used for transportation and exercising. Out of curiosity, she bought one immediately.


When Jane got the parcel, she opened it only to find the intelligent scooter very lovely anddelicate. After going through the user manual, she got the point of operating the vehicle merely 10 minutes. During the ride, she has to keep standing on the board and twisting her waist, which can help get her rid of the sedentary habit. In the following days, she always rides her Airwheel electric unicycle to work and finally loses 5 pounds within 1 week.

Riding such a self-balancing scooter provided by Airwheel can help people like Jane keep healthy and fit, which is quite a blessing for them.

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