USA - GTA or Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most loved and played games since 1997. The popularity of this game has compelled many developers to create guides and cheats for GTA. GTA Mods Hub offers GTA 5 Cheats through the website This cheat guide appears to be the best book ever made as it carries all materials required to pass each and every mission successfully.

GTA 5 Cheats is a small and simple application for Windows composed of guides, one place walkthroughs and cheats. This software application from GTA Mods Hub has two windows with GTA stuff list and its descriptions. A search option is also provided to support users in finding specific stuff. Some guides are said to have play icons, which will direct viewers towards the video related to that particular guide to make the work easier.

The website says, “The app is the most complete GTA guide book on the Internet and you have to try it yourself to see its complete database. Main features of GTA 5 Cheat books are: a complete cheat book for the GTA game, search function to search for specific cheats and guides and more.”

The new application called GTA 5 Cheats from GTA Mods Hub is made available to downloaders with specifications like file size: 7.65 MB and version: 1.0. Complete features and applications of this program can be obtained from the website This application is provided for free, and as a result players can easily install it on their PC without any hassle. GTA 5 Cheats appears to be compatible with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows.

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