05, August 2016: We all like to save money when shopping online, but it hasn’t always been possible. This is especially true when it comes to some of the biggest sites on the web. However, a new website has been developed specialising in the broadcast of discount codes, so anybody in the German market can search and save money when ordering online. These discount codes are to be used with a number of well known companies, helping you to save money wherever you want to shop.


Mehrgutschein.de is a free portal specialized in the research and broadcast of discount codes and special offers that help users to save in their purchases online for German buyers.

The staff of Mehrgutschein is formed by the operating team of Tikato. The team are formed by young people interested in innovation and development of web services.

Who Are Tikato?

Founded in 2013, Tikato work to create efficient channels for retailers and brands. This allows them to show off their offerings to clients in a smart way. Tikato want to help people around the world save money with discounts and deals to be used in the shops they love. This is why Mehrgutschein was born! Retailers and brands can connect with millions of active shoppers this way. Tikato’s methods have been proven to increase market share, make you more visible, and drive sales.

Categories on Mehrgutschein

Some of the categories you can find discount codes for include:
* Accessories.
* Electronics.
* Beauty items.
* Drinks.
* Home and garden.
* Games.
* Sports.
* Gifts.
* Jewelry.
* Baby items.
* Cars.
* Tickets.
* Tools.

You’re probably wondering what kind of stores you can expect to find discount codes for on Mehrgutschein. They include:
* Zalando.
* Amazon.
* Lierferheld.
* Flexibus.
* eBay.
* Sprit.
* Redcoon.

Signing Up

Getting notified of discount codes for your favourite sites is really easy, as you can just sign up for the newsletter on site.

How To Contact The Team

Contacting the team is simple. Either use the contact form found on the Mehrgutschein site, or use the following information. You can start making big savings right away! You can even connect with them on social media to be notified of discounts in real time as you catch up with friends and family.

For Media Contact:
Andrea Boffo
Tikato Srl
Piazzale del Mutilato
3/4 36100 Vicenza
Phone: 3904441463369
Email: [email protected]