08, March 2016: Airwheel electric skateboard M3 was pushed out last year. In the second new product release conference made by Airwheel, M3 came under the spotlight. It rose to the highlight of the whole conference. George is a skateboard freak. The skateboard kept George company for his whole childhood. Because he cherished a golden memory of the skateboard, he bought the Airwheel M3 at once. He tasted the ride of Airwheel M3 and valued its performance and design very much.


Unlike the traditional skateboard, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter M3 is powered by electricity. George does not need to violently push by one of his feet to provide the forward thrust. Therefore he does not feel a shred of fatigue even if he has covered 5 km. Without the care of the fatigue, George can enjoy the fun brought by Airwheel M3 to his heart’s content. The design of Airwheel M3 is laudable. It retains the traditional design, giving a nostalgic impression. As for those who are nostalgic of the skateboard in their childhood, Airwheel M3 takes them back to their childhood. This is a main reason of George to buy Airwheel M3.


In addition to the design and power, Airwheel M3 realises the wireless control. George uses the small remote controller to control his Airwheel good quality electric skateboards M3. Through the small device, he can adjust the top speed of his M3. He adjusts the speed at will so that he can enjoy the bliss from different speed.

The wireless connection has the ability to penetrate the wall. Even if there is ten metres away, it can still conduct the wireless connect and control. The advanced technology is introduced and adds the new blood to the skateboard. In company with the advancement in technology, Airwheel does no lag behind in terms of fashion. Airwheel goes out of its way to provide a host of stylish stickers used for the board. George changes the stickers, giving an impression that he is always riding the new skateboard M3.

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