30 December, 2013: The world’s first fully automated bag check-in system, recently inaugurated at Geneva airport, could help significantly speed up the customs process for customers leaving Switzerland, enabling them to get from their Geneva airport transfers to their flights in much quicker time.

The three new check-in counters were officially activated this past November and are but one small part of the seamless travel programme the airport is working on. Initial monitored results proved extremely encouraging, as the average time for volunteering customers to go through the new automated gates transpired to be only two minutes.

The ultimate goal behind this system, and the entire programme being developed by Geneva Airport, is to reduce times spent waiting in line at the airport, smoothening out the entire process to improve the customer experience and reduce gate-to-flight times. The fully automated nature of the new check-in gates, as opposed to previous self-check-in experiments, which still required one staff member close by to provide assistance, also frees up airport personnel and reduces strain on staff at key times.

Using the new check-in gates is a simple process. All passengers have to do is place their luggage on the appropriate weighing window and it gets automatically weighed, tagged and dispatched to the plane, all within a few minutes.

While this process is currently only being used by one of the airlines hosted at Geneva airport there are plans to extend self-check-in booth privileges to other companies within the next sixth months. Nevertheless, the airport claims it has no intention of doing away with ‘traditional’, man-operated checkout booths so more reticent or less technologically savvy customers need not worry.

Geneva airport is currently one of the main airports serving Switzerland, behind only Zurich airport, and this system is sure to be beneficial for the high volumes of passengers and Geneva airport transfers it experiences every day.

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