March 2013 - We live in a harsh financial climate where money is often tight, disposable incomes are lower than they have been for many years and sustainable work is hard to come by. As a result many people are turning to new and innovative ways to make money in an effort to sustain themselves while looking for work or to supplement an existing income. Some have made the transition to become self-employed whereas others aim to sell unwanted items which are of value. The trick to ensuring the best return on such items is to sell the right items through the right medium.

In recent years websites such as eBay, Amazon Marketplace and Music Magpie have become an increasingly popular way to dispose of unwanted items and receive cash in return. However, users have to be careful to choose the right website to sell their item; otherwise they may receive a pittance in return. In general, the more specialised the website is to the item that is to be sold, the greater return the seller will enjoy. Therefore websites setup by specialists within a particular market should be the seller’s first port of call.

This is especially true when it comes to selling unwanted gold jewellery. Generic auction websites such as eBay or even high street auctioneers may considerably undervalue gold jewellery. However, in recent years may companies have started up which specialise in buying scrap or unwanted gold jewellery. Such companies can help individuals to ensure that they realise the full value of their unwanted jewellery and get the best price available. These companies price the value of the gold jewellery by its weight and offer a price to the seller that is directly proportional to the current market value of gold.

However, sellers must be careful to choose a reputable company to sell their unwanted or scrap gold jewellery to. Gemstones UK Ltd is one such reputable company that has been trading for 15 years. They were in existence long before the recent fad in gold selling led to the start up of numerous companies emulating their trade. They pride themselves in offering a fair price for unwanted or scrap gold, silver and platinum. Moreover, they offer a freepost service whereby the seller can send Gemstones UK Ltd their scrap gold in a provided freepost envelope and in return receive a cheque to the value of the unwanted gold.

Many of us have scrap or unwanted gold lying around the house that may include inherited items which have little or no sentimental value, items that have been outgrown and items that are broken beyond repair. Instead of struggling for cash while these items sit around the house with no real advantage, it may be worth considering selling them to Gemstones UK Ltd and receiving cash in return. Sellers can be sure that they will be getting the best price available and unlock the value of unwanted gold jewellery in order to buy something of more use or save for a rainy day.

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