Recent trends show that individuals across the world, both men and women, spend hundreds of dollars of their earnings on buying food supplements. As per the market trends, Weight loss food supplements figure at the top of the list. Gacinia cambogia has been rated as one of the most influential weight loss food supplements, with manufacturers launching its own “effective” versions of the original product.


The product came to the lime light when it first appeared on the show of Dr. Oz. since then, leading countries like France, Italy and many others have launched its own versions or have imported the products from the native countries. Most professionals in the industry have stated publicly that more often than not, most of the imitations are not as effective as its claims. It shows quite a large number of manufacturers taking advantage of the popularity of the name garcinia cambogiaand offering cheaper and least alternatives for it. There have been a lot of criticisms against these manufacturing companies, which made a cash cow out of the product while on the other hand compromising the health of the users across the globe. 


There has been a lot of appreciation towards independent control companies, which are keeping a close track of the developments and activities of those manufacturing companies that have joined the craze. Buyers have been extensively alerted to buy only those products that offer a money back guarantee. Only the reliable web sites selling authentic products have been known to offer royalty risk with the money return guarantee.


Researchers have also stated that testing of the product made by a third party to actually verify the quality establishes firmly the authenticity of the product. third party proves to be quite expensive for the manufacturers, which could even lead to the disqualification of the entire products made. It is therefore a fool proof way to test the quality. For more information please go to


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