Garanti Plus has announced the implementation of an extra used car assurance service for particular individuals. The company was already supporting businesses and independent professionals. The new service for individuals is a direct consequence of a common demand due to the increasing number of independent sellers. The service was implemented as soon as it was announced. It got a good hand from the audience and has already welcomed its first customers.

Spain, Feb 12, 2015

Spain: With the primary purpose of easing the used vehicle commerce, Garanti Plus has expanded its already well established service with an extra section for individual sellers. The company provides a solid alternative to individuals who experience problems in selling their vehicles. With this extra solution, Garanti Plus is now targeting all fields comprising the used car commerce — businesses, professionals and average individuals. The law demanding a one year warranty for used vehicles was introduced on September 11, 2003.

Just like the other two services, the one for average individuals can be conducted over the Internet. It has been added at the same time the announcement was made. It offers a solid mechanical assurance that covers all types of potential damage, including both mild and severe issues. Customers can now enjoy their vehicles without having to worry about potential breakdowns and mechanical problems.

Customers have the opportunity to reach to any partnering workshop, whichever is closer. Garanti Plus collaborates with services and garages all across Spain. Aside from the actual assurance, beneficiaries also benefit from specific discounts on maintenance and associated services, which are usually not covered. Roadside assistance is guaranteed for round the clock. Aside from repairs and actual damage, the assurance will cover hotel expenses, repatriation or replacement too.

Unlike the assurance for businesses and individual professionals, the one for average individuals has a fixed price. The only thing that can influence costs is the current state of the vehicle. According to a spokesperson, “our goal is to provide value to sellers and help them offer a guarantee for their used cars in turn.”

About Garanti Plus

Garanti Plus is an insurance service providing mechanical warranties for used vehicles before being sold, which is a common requirement in Spain since 2003. The company is one of the first of its kind. Aside from the actual assurance, it provides regular assistance even after the insured car has already been sold. Visit for more information.

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