Ganpati goes to Cape Town for Dare 2 Dance
The contestants of Dare 2 Dance decided to bring in a slice of festivity in Cape Town. Since Ganesh Chaturthi is round the corner and the contestants were missing home and their favourite festive dishes, they decided to get Bappa to South Africa.
The ‘God of Beginning’ was welcomed with great enthusiasm when bought to Cape Town. Knowing the tough journey that they have to master on the show, the contestants took blessings and wishes for themselves and their loved ones.
The contestants welcomed Bappa in style. They danced on popular numbers and welcomed Ganpati celebrating the festive occasion. Even though they were away from home and their families, they were seen rejoicing and making the most of their time in Cape Town.
The contestants were seen singing and dancing and felt a touch of home away from home. The two foreigners on sets as contestants, Scarlett Mellish Wilson and Emilie Callion also took participation in brining Ganpati.
The contestants did the Ganesh puja and were given a day off to rejoice and cherish the moment.

Dare 2 Dance, with its edgy, exciting and never seen before content will enthral the audience. The show will see contestants, comprising of celebrities and trained dancers, compete to raise the bar of dancing to a different level. Akshay Kumar who is known for his dare devil acts will guide contestants and push them to re-invent and perform in extreme dancing conditions every week. The contestants will be challenged to prove their mettle as ‘Extreme Dance Ke Heroes’ in a hope to rise above all odds.
Dare 2 Dance is being shot in Cape Town, South Africa and the show is slated to go on air on 6th September on Life OK