11, July 2016: Of course, there’s now a Game of Thrones app where you zigzag Rickon Stark away from arrows to make the Battle of the Bastards less heartbreaking.

Game of Thrones app_1

Enjoyed Game of Thrones’ epic Battle of the Bastards, but were irritated by the death of hostage Rickon Stark at the hands of Ramsay Bolton? Frustrated that the young Lord ran straight away from Ramsay’s arrows instead of dodging or zig-zagging? Convinced you could have done better?

Well, now you can put that to the test — because some industrious fans have made a mobile phone game based entirely on making Rickon zig-zag his way out of danger.

Game of Thrones app_2

Created by BrokeLabs (and available for free download on Android and Apple devices), the game sees you navigate Rickon through deadly hails of arrows while moving only in zigzags, with your only control through tapping to make him change direction.

Game of Thrones app_3

Presumably if you get far enough you can join up with Jon Snow but after downloading and playing the game it turns out that it’s actually extremely difficult to dodge loads of arrows being shot at you, and we haven’t got anywhere near the end yet. Frankly, so far TV show Rickon is beating us, and now we feel a bit bad about giving him such grief.

Game of Thrones app_4

Still, hopefully we can master it and get better — just in time for whoever makes a “Ramsay vs his own dogs” follow up game. Now THAT would be a real challenge.

Game of Thrones will return next year, and you can download Zigzag Rickon! here

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