If you want galvanized steel kennels for your dogs, they can be bought affordably on the internet. There are so many local manufacturers you can find online if you are willing to search for them. As you do your research, though, keep the fact that some galvanised kennels can rust at the back of your mind. These sorts of kennels are usually not galvanised but coated with powder.


The problem comes when the housing units are kept outside where they get attacked by weather elements. Within a period of one year they will begin to show signs of serious rusting. And when these enclosures begin to rust, they are on their way to deterioration and can also be hazardous to the dogs.  One trick used by the dog kennel manufacturer is making the customer believe that they have made the houses themselves. Some manufacturers do not construct their kennel systems; they just import cheap ones from China.


The problem with mass produced kennels is that they are low quality units as the aim is not to produce high quality structures but rather to make cheaper ones that can sell quickly. Instead of producing their own houses, manufacturers import the ready-made ones and then promote them as high quality, durable kennel systems. You should be so keen to distinguish cheap galvanized steel kennels from the top quality ones that are manufactured locally. One thing to look out for prior to ordering a dog house that won’t rust is how the coating has been done.


Powder-coated dog houses are not good at all because the powder is sprayed on the steel directly; leaving a coat that is less protective.  Furthermore, the spray-on powder protects only the outside of the housing unit, neglecting the inner side where the rusting begins.  Hence, powder coating does not produce long-lasting kennels as compared to galvanization. If performed professionally, galvanization coats the inside and the outside of the housing system with a very thick, protective coat.


Powder-coated kennels look so stylish, shiny and valuable yet the delicious sheen is not going to last. More often than not, dog houses that are fully produced right here in the US or the UK are totally galvanized. When you get an assurance from the dog pen manufacturer that their item is made locally, then you can go ahead and buy it. Otherwise move to the next merchant online. It is more expensive to repair a galvanised kennel than to purchase a new one. You may ask how true this statement is but when you decide to repair a dog house you have to have it sand-blasted first.


Then it has to be coated afresh through a thorough galvanization process. Note that buying a galvanized kennel from a dog kennel manufacturer does not automatically exclude it from the process of rusting. It might happen eventually depending on how excellently you protect your steel structure after the dogs have urinated on it. As dogs’ urine has a lot of nitrogen, it can cause rust and yellow marks on grass. So you want to ensure that the dogs do not urinate on the steel metal directly. If they accidentally do it, then pour water with mild soap on the spot immediately.


We are true manufacturers of galvanized steel kennels and our products are not of questionable quality. They are built to serve the purpose and to last for so many years if they are protected and cleaned often. As a leading dog kennel manufacturer, we are a very trustworthy company that you would like to deal with.