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Not all drinking waters are safe to drink, especially water from faucets that can pose some health threats among people. In the market today, some companies are offering alkaline water. This product claims to have better health benefits than the usual drinking water that households have.

However, some of these products are very expensive. This article presents information on how homeowners can make their own alkaline water without spending too much.
In a report on website Gaiam Life, water has a normal and neutral pH level of 7.0, which means that it is neither too acidic and too alkaline. When that pH level reaches above the 7.0 balance, the substance is considered alkaline.

“Although the scientific evidence is sparse, some people believe that water alkalinity, or lack thereof, can have a profound effect on your health,” Gaiam Life stated in the articles. To take care of people’s health, these guidelines can help them make waters healthier by turning them more alkaline.

The first step is water purification method on the water or removing harmful toxins from the water. These toxins are contaminants, bacteria, viruses and more others. For households, this can be done through boiling the water, collecting the steam, and "condensing the water into droplets at the surface of the storage container," the website indicated. In some instances, devices can reportedly be used.

Next is to test the pH levels of the water that have been purified. SelpHbalance offers a quick and accurate way to test water pH levels through its digital pH meter. Knowing the initial pH levels of the purified water can reportedly help households determine if there are more adjustments that have to be made.

There are several naturally existing items and household materials that can be added to the water to keep them alkaline as possible. One of these is by adding some baking soda, an alkaline substance to the water. Households can also add fresh lemons to the water despite their acidity. There are also over-the-counter water drops intended for the purpose of making water content alkaline that can be used as well, the website stated further.

It is also necessary to see the new pH levels of the water added with these substances through re-testing using SelpHbalance’s digital pH meter. Note that the water with lemon can provide results that lead to the acidic solution, but the website emphasized that it is alkaline when digested.

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