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Graphic design is among several careers headed for growth in the coming years. Graphic designers will surely have their hands full as the need for powerful visuals increase in the advertising, publishing and design industries. With this development, many individuals are showing interest in graphic design courses and later joining the said industries as graphic designers and art directors. Even those who are already employed are dabbling in graphic design for extra income and experience.

Graphic designers, after all, are included in the list of privileged professionals who are likely to enjoy flexible work hours and environment. Work may overwhelm at times because it demands high level of creativity but it can be very satisfying too once the output started producing the desired results. Many graphic designers are employed full-time, rendering services for advertising agencies, design companies and printing businesses. Other industries have marketing departments that employ graphic designers.

Technology has created more opportunities for these talented professionals. For one, the internet has paved the way for many designers to accept side projects and freelance jobs. It is now one of the most popularly outsourced services. Then there’s the abundance of design software, sophisticated computers and graphic design tools developed to help designers make the most out of their creativity. With ample training and continuous learning, graphic designers can maximize all these.

Though the design world remains competitive, there is always a place for skilled graphic designers. Now, the only thing left for aspiring graphic designers to do is complete courses in graphic design and create portfolio that would earn the nod of future employers. One school that responds to the demand for qualified graphic designers is the International Career Institute (ICI). ICI is a leading provider of distance learning courses. It offers a graphic design course that covers basic to advanced learning.

ICI has long been aware of the potential of graphic design as a career and so developed a graphic designer course that matches many prospective students’ need for an affordable, comprehensive and up-to-date graphic design program. ICI understands that not many people have the time and resources to take a four-year course to pursue a career so they have gathered graphic design industry professionals and launched their own online graphic design program, one that students can complete at the comfort of their home. If you want to know more about this course and other online courses offered by ICI, visit