Future Group Adds Flavor To Your Taste Buds with All-New ‘Tasty Treats’!


Future Consumer Enterprise Ltd (FCEL), a part of Future Group, is taking its food and beverage private label venture to the next level with the launch of the all-new “NimbuChatka” and “Crispy Strips” under the Tasty TreatNamkeen category.


Taking indulgence to another level, the brand has announced the launch of two new chatpata flavors of namkeen- “NimbuChatka” and “Crispy Strips”. The tang of the lemon and the crunch of the potato flakes is sure to make you crave for more. To add a little twist to this, you can mix it with onion, green chilies with a dash of lime and a sprinkle of coriander and make it the highlight of your next house party.


Commenting on these two new namkeen flavors under ‘Tasty Treats’ Mr. DevendraChawla at the Future Group said, “The idea behind Tasty Treat was to cater to the undying love for tasty food and total indulgence that everyone craves. These two new chatpata flavors stand true to the brand’s tag line “YehPhisleeNeeyat”!, as we are certain that our consumers will definitely not be able to resist once they try it.”


Tasty Treats as a brand is all about letting go and eating to your tongue’s content and these two new namkeen products are very tasty as well as pocket friendly. So make sure your grab your pack of these two new flavors soon!