Android applications are functional and so in demand. The open source nature helps bring down the development cost. The Windows Android is the official Android Software Development Kit meant for Microsoft Windows. Android applications development are ruling the smart phone market. This has pushed up the growth of android application development. The competition amongst the android development companies is fierce and this has compelled them to offer cost effective services with great quality. They also need to be aware of the latest developments in the android development field. Fusion Informatics is an android apps development company that has been offering its services in the IT field from more than a decade. It has recently announced the launch of customized android application development services.


Fusion Informatics offers mobile apps development to its clients across the world. It provides apps development services for Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. Armed with a team of skilled and experienced android apps developers, it has delivered various projects to clients across the world. The team of developers at Fusion is dedicated. In the first stage, the developers understand the requirements of the client. They try to understand the client's expectations from the application. After this they frame a plan to complete the project. They prepare the process work flow. Once the work flow is decided they start working on the project and also keep the client informed about how the project is advancing. If there are any changes to be made amid the project, they keep the clients informed about it. Once the application is created, they run it on the simulator to check if it is working fine.

Once the application is working fine on the simulator, they submit it for submission. The application gets published once it is approved. In case it is not approved, which happens rarely, android apps developers at Fusion Informatics rework on it and then resubmit the application.


Fusion Informatics offers the following services based on the Android app development platform:

  1. Android Application Development

  2. Android Mobile Apps Development

  3. Android Catalogue Application Development

  4. Android Business Application Development

  5. Android Enterprise Application Development

  6. Android compatible Mobile Website Development

  7. Android App developer

  8. Android Digital Album Development

  9. Android Social networking Integration

  10. Android GPS, Bluetooth, Push APIs, Google MAP integration

  11. android application developer

  12. 1.5, 1.5, 2.1 and 2.2 SDK Compatible Android App Development