Chisinau, Moldova — The website demonstrates that one can learn English easily by downloading the original and interactive app from Google Play Store absolutely free of cost. This app permits an individual to learn English vocabulary, efficiently and quickly. This particular app is very simple to use and has been designed very elegantly as well as intuitively. The company has redefined the way one can learn English as a foreign language.

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According to the website, to learn English through this app is suitable for people who wish to learn visually and also for those who prefer audio-visual way of learning. This free download does not inherit any glitches and one can gain an unrestricted access to the complete 6000-word vocabulary for learning English effectively. The words are not chosen randomly and are carefully selected as well as logically categorized into more than 140 thematic topics so that people can easily develop their vocabulary.

The website ascertains that this app offers about 4 different learning components to an individual. For each word, one can obtain the English word in print along with its professional translation into one’s native language, the way in which the word is pronounced and an image that illustrates the particular word in a descriptive manner. It is the perfect way to memorize certain new and difficult words. Many users have appreciated this excellent, easy and fun system of learning English at one’s own comfort and ease.

As per the website, this software contains 140 topics that cover various day-to-day situations. This even includes three difficulty levels for beginners, intermediate learners and advanced students. The beginner level includes 1000 words of vocabulary. After gaining the mastery in this level, one can go to the intermediate level which provides the learner with 2000 words. The advanced level further unlocks another set of 3000 words. The app also includes seven test games to choose from. This inherits amazing features that helps one learn the language with great pleasure and interest. One can attain detailed information about this interactive original app by logging on to the website


The website brings an original and interactive app that permits one to learn English vocabulary, efficiently and easily. One can obtain this app free of cost by downloading it from the Google Play Store. It is elegantly designed including some simple ways of learning the language. This app offers the option of learning both through visual and audio means.

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