USA - One of the most renowned e-learning app development companies, Fun easy Learn has gained significant attention for making language learning a smooth job. With its much popular app, Learn Turkish 5000 Phrases, users can now boast of great knowledge in a foreign language after the developers have introduced two new features. The app can be downloaded for free from the online marketplace and current users can update the same, to enjoy the two features.

“Striking daily conversations with natives of a certain country becomes essential and our aim is to help users achieve near-native fluency with the Turkish language. Hence, we have made the necessary additions in the form of Speech Recognition and Slow Play mode,” said a chief developer working with Fun Easy Learn.

The two features are somewhat similar that users can benefit with. While Speech Recognition is meant for users who wish to know the exact pronunciation of words used in the Turkish language, the Slow Play mode employs the repeated recordings of a voice that pronounces the word slowly and clearly. “Both the features aid in auditory learning. By listening to the pronunciations, it will be easy knowing the huge database of words and also the phrases used on a regular basis,” added the developer.

The app contains a huge repository of Turkish words that developers have carefully chosen ad categorized into certain topics based on themes. This has been done after consulting with the research team behind Learn Turkish Phrasebook Phrases . Besides, there are other noteworthy features like a plethora of games, images and phonetic transcriptions. All these are meant to make the learning experience fun, yet streamlined.

“We pay particular attention to our user feedback and work on them. The recent update, incorporating the add-ons was a move that we had discussed among ourselves. Now that it is there for all to see, we are hopeful it will benefit old and new users alike. Since here are several languages to help Learn Turkish in the app, it will definitely ease the process of learning the language,” said the CEO of the company.

The developers are also hinting at more useful additions, which will be unveiled in due course of time.

About the Company

Learn Turkish 5000 Phrases is a highly useful language learning app from Fun Easy Learn.

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