China - According to the news from blog of frozen fruit supplier Homeway Foods, two independent studies from UK found that the frozen broccoli, carrots, blueberries and other foods have more nutrients than the "fresh" state fruits. This could be the very good message for each frozen food lover as the former opinion for frozen fruits should be that the frozen fruits and vegetables do not have enough value of vitamin and nutrition like the same sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to reports, Leeds Institute of Food Research and the University of Chester Hyde conducted forty tests which were studied the comparison between the normal fresh fruits and the frozen fruits. The results showed with people that eating freshly picked fruit and vegetable products should be most healthy but the nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables should be almost the same with the fresh fruits and vegetables and some sorts of frozen fruits have more nutrition than the fresh one.

Scientists have discovered that the frozen broccoli have more vitamin C, carotene and lutein than fresh broccoli. However, the fresh broccoli contains more polyphenols which element could help to prevent cancer and other headache disease. Furthermore, compared with the fresh carrots, frozen carrots contain three times lutein and two times carotene and the content of vitamin C and polyphenol in frozen carrots are also very high.

The editor from famous frozen fruit supplier Homeway Foods said that: "people need to change their former conception that the frozen fruits and vegetables do not have enough vitamins and other necessary elements like the fresh one. On the contrary, the frozen process of fruits will also let the original fresh fruits and vegetables contain higher level of vitamin elements."

In addition to the frozen carrots, content of vitamin C and polyphenols in frozen blueberries and green beans is also in very higher level. The frozen blueberries also have more anthocyanins. On the other hand, the frozen mangosteen and peas have similar results like the former frozen fruits. However, there are also some frozen fruits and vegetables which have the same testing value like the fresh one.

In summary, the officially data show with people that content of antioxidants of two-thirds of frozen fruits and vegetables, such as vitamin C, polyphenols, anthocyanins, lutein and ¦Ã‚-carotene, have very high value. The enough absorbing of these antioxidants could be very effectively in the prevention of cancer .Furthermore, these useful elements could also help to maintain the body, brain, skins and eye mechanisms operation. This should be very good for people¡¯s healthy keeping.


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