From innocent Saajan to sensuous Shaantabai

While leading men have disguised themselves as ladies in the past, Sandeep Anand is taking this concept to another level. The actor who plays the lead in Life OK’s May I Come In, Madam? played Shaantabai, a very unusual house help. Sandeep who usually wears black lenses took off his lenses and flaunted his originally grey eyes to play the sensuous Shaantabai. Sandeep also has played a pregnant woman on the show before and flaunted his baby bump. The show has made its way to the audience’s hearts in a short time. Also, there’s a lot of experimentation and innovation with the characters and concept every time. Saajan, who has a huge crush on his sexy boss, makes another attempt to impress her. While her maid is away, Saajan thinks of this as an opportunity and becomes a ‘bai’ for her. While talking about it Sandeep said, “They have made me a woman before this. I feel the two hot women don’t bring as much glamour as the show as I do. Since I believe in observation is the biggest source of knowledge for any actor, I did a lot of research on our house helps. Thanks to them that I could pull off a bai for the show.”