Friendship's day quotes from Saba Qamar & Sami Khan            Please find below Friendship’s Day quotes from actor Saba Qamar who is currently seen in ‘Kaash Aisa Ho’ and Sami Khan in ‘Mayee Ni’ on Zindagi. Kindly share it with media.Kruti file attached.


Saba Qamar plays Irfa in ‘Kaash Aisa Ho’ aired Monday to Saturday at 8.00 pmon Zindagi — “Friendship is doing crazy things together. Friends are family you choose for yourself and I'm glad I got to choose a crazy bunch. Life would've been really dull and boring without these mad people, I call friends. Like every year, I'm going to spend this Friendship's Day with my dear friends because they make it meaningful.”


Sami Khan plays Hasham in ‘Mayee Ni’ aired Monday to Saturday at 9.50 pm on Zindagi — “Friendship is the only relationship that doesn't age with time. No matter how old you get, your equation with your friends will always remain the same and the bond only gets stronger. Friends are like your second family with whom you can share anything and everything. I am truly blessed to have friends who have been an integral part of my life. Friends and family are the ones who help me remain grounded. I also like to wish all my fans in India a very Happy Friendship’s Day.”