Free PDF Solutions has ensured that users can carry out crucial file conversions themselves by launching its easy to use PDF To GIF Converter.

They are two of the most popular file formats all over the world. In fact, GIF files are considered to be the second most commonly used image format today. This Graphic Interchange Format is an extension for often animated raster graphics files, which are being shared on various platforms. They are eye catching, appealing and definitely make their mark with the viewers.

But how does one go about converting the data and files in PDF format to GIF. Till recently the conversions used to be a task that involved a lot of hassle and costs as well. Now Free PDF Solutions has launched a smart and simple converter, which gives the power back to end users. The PDF To GIF Converter is a no frills software, which does exactly what it promises and with extreme efficiency.

Free PDF Solutions has always tried to offer software solutions to users that make practical sense. This converter is definitely practical and has wide ranging applications for today’s users. However its hallmark is the fact that it is extremely easy to use, even for those who haven’t worked with similar software before. Users can install the extension on their chosen devices without any registration and get started at the earliest.

Another advantage of this PDF To GIF Converter is that it is compatible with various devices. That makes it extremely versatile for users who need it for their professional requirements. They also have to ensure that the quality of the converted files is not diminished. This converter assures them of that as they instantly convert files from the home page or new tab pages.

These pages will also have links to web search and popular websites once they have installed the extension. Moreover there are links to other online conversion utilities from Free PDF Solutions as well. Thus the converter offers them a variety of convenient options in one place. Overall it is a reasonable, effective, functional and extremely convenient solution for users with their specific needs.

About Free PDF Solutions

It is an online platform that offers smart and simple solutions for PDF conversions that suit the needs of all users.

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