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Successful hypnotherapist delivers free hypnosis downloads directly from his website

London, United Kingdom, February 11th, 2011 Successful UK hypnotherapist Max Kirsten (www.maxikirsten.com) is now supplying a new range of free hypnosis downloads on his web site. The hypnotherapist, whose work has appeared in articles across the major mainstream media in the UK and who has in the past been given “New Year New You” style columns in national newspapers, is now providing relaxation courses for free download as well as the old favourites: conquering fear, improving relationships and weight loss rules.

The New Year is always a good time to get into some self improvement. Thanks to Max Kirsten‘s free downloads, you can now try hypnotherapy at home to see how well it works. Max‘s relaxation hypnotherapy courses have been garnering rave reviews from users on phone specific apps sites: and his other free hypnosis downloads are also encouraging personal testimonials to appear from users anxious to spread the word about Max Kirsten‘s website.

Max Kirsten‘s Stop Smoking Now programme is particularly successful, claiming thousands of downloads already. The programme is divided into three easy sessions a five minute introduction to hypnosis; a 46 minute Quit Smoking NOW module; and a 21 minute booster session entitled NOW that you‘ve quit!

The programme uses neuro linguistic programming, in combination with background music that has been specifically designed to promote a receptive attitude in the subconscious areas of the brain.

Max Kirsten‘s hypnosis downloads are not all free of course. Free programmes include weight loss, relationship and conquering fear modules. The Stop Smoking module is a pay per download track, which retails at the very reasonable price of £9.99. When you stop to consider the amount of money you are going to spend over your life in tobacco alone, it seems strangely worth while. For more information on the Stop Smoking download, or any of the free downloads, visit Max Kirsten‘s website.

About Max Kirsten
Max Kirsten is a UK based hypnotherapist. Max‘s hypnosis downloads have been used to treat some very famous people including actor Ewan McGregor, who gave up smoking after using the Stop Smoking NOW course.


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