A free course is now available with information the professionals use for iguana care, and includes details that enable iguana owners to:

- Not pay full price for food
- Not pay full price for finding a healthy pet iguana
- Not pay full price for equipment

Based on 20 years of experience, How to Raise Iguanas: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Iguana Care explains all that needs to be known about raising iguanas. The updated course includes rewritten content, pictures, and a simple method of learning. It provides details on proper iguana habitat requirements, food and supplements, heating and lighting, hydration, and grooming and handling. Preventative measures are also featured for anyone wanting to learn how to care for iguanas .

Iguanas often die because owners are not prepared for what keeping them healthy entails. The information contained in the course is not just meant to help people with pet iguana care. It is also meant to help the animals. Visitors to the website can join the course and save on buying an iguana, food, and equipment such as cages, enclosures and substrates.

In addition to the course itself, website visitors can read numerous articles with general information and insight into iguana behavior, breeding, feeding, and health. Various types of veterinary issues are covered to help readers understand common health ailments. Some facts and myths are disclosed, giving anyone the chance to learn how to care for iguanas and understand the truth about these creatures.

Advice on handling iguanas is also provided and readers will also gain an understanding of what a proper habitat is like. Without the proper equipment, it is hard to keep an iguana healthy, but a cage or other alternatives may be suitable depending on the animal. A series of pages list informational articles for anyone who is avidly interested in pet iguana care .

Access to the free 10-day course is available by entering an email address within the embedded form on the homepage. In addition to learning and benefiting from the free course, visitors can leave comments on their opinions and experiences, directly on the website.

How to Raise Iguanas: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Iguana Care is available now. Visit http://iguanaplanet.com/ for more details and to order the free guide.

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IguanaPlanet.com is run by a group of reptile breeders, veterinarians, and herpetologists, some with over 20 years of experience with iguana care. With the primary purpose of helping iguanas, the site features a free guide for owning, training, and raising iguanas. Articles are accepted by contributors on the website’s blog.

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