Free Converting has unveiled its WMV to VOB Converter for the benefit of users, who want to carry out these file conversions themselves.

There are many who like the quality offered to them by WMV files but they also understand the limitations that are already set because these files only work on Windows platform. Hence if one doesn’t have a device that suits the platform, these files cannot be played. There are no such limitations in the case of VOB files, which are not only versatile but can be burnt on DVDs as well.

The problem was that earlier to carry out these conversions, users had no option but to rely on the help from professionals. But now they can handle the task themselves with the help of this converter, which is also free. Hence they can now have their video files in their chosen VOB format and burn them on DVDs that can be viewed on different devices.

The WMV to VOB Converter is known for its simple interface, which lets users start with the conversions at the earliest. One can get acquainted with the conversion process within no time and they can also be in control of the final output. The converter might be free but it is packed with features. That not only ensures that the conversions are convenient but of high quality as well.

The converter also makes it possible for users to extract a part of a large video, which can then be converted into VOB format. Thus the results they get are exactly according to their requirements.

About WMV to VOB Converter

WMV to VOB Converter helps users convert WMV files into VOB format so that they can be burned onto disks and viewed easily.

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