USA - There are a number of different formats that audio and video files are in. Different formats provide different advantages but the problem is that there is no one media player that can play audio and video files of any format. So what can one do when some audio or video file is not recognized in one’s computer player? In such a case, there are websites online that provide converters that convert audio files from one format to another. This is what the AVI Converter does.

With the AVI Converter people can convert media that is in other formats to AVI format. And since this is a popular file format, most people will have a media player in their computer that recognizes and plays AVI files. But this isn’t the only AVI converter available, right? So why prefer this converter?

The website says, “Even the people with little computer or software experience are going to have an easy time handling the free AVI converter. It is also important to note that there are plenty of more unique features for the users with more experience.”

So, this AVI Converter has a number of advantageous features that makes using it better than using the other converters available online. Firstly, this software is absolutely free and hence much more inexpensive as compared to the other converters. Secondly, this converter has a user friendly design. Thirdly, the software hardly occupies any disk space which is certainly an advantageous feature. And finally, the speed of conversion is good so that one can get the conversion done within minutes. So, with this software, people can now play any file format on AVI players.

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The website provides AVI Converter that is simple to download and use and has minimalistic user interface and provides quick conversion rate.

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