A restaurant owner, a bar owner or owners of other commercial setups often want unique furniture pieces to help enhance the beauty of their built space and that will lure more and more new customers to their place. Knightsbridge is a furniture company in Australia that specializes in designing outstanding furniture items that are both beautiful and functional. Anyone interested buying furniture from them can request for a free quote, advice and design consultation by providing relevant details of their furniture project.

Clients can check their attractive Restaurant Chairs Tasmania that are elegant in looks and offer the comfort that customers can appreciate while enjoying their foods and drinks in the restaurant. Knightsbridge supplies custom restaurant furniture that can match the style and color choice of the place. They also specialize in the banquette and booth seating Melbourne that includes a wide variety of chairs and sofas. Attractively designed seating space not only provides comfort to the customers, but also elevates their mood.

According to the spokesperson of the furniture company, a proper seating space often determines the amount of time a customer will spend in a restaurant, bar or a banquet. This is the reason why they focus on offering custom furniture and pay attention to each design consultation request they receive from customers. They can present a completely different banquette and booth seating Sydney from the Melbourne banquette seating and can offer a free advice to deck up the place to impress guests.

One can also explore their Café Chairs Tasmania that are outstanding in their looks and design and that can be perfect to adorn a café and provide ample seating for a number of customers visiting the café. Besides chairs and seating arrangements for commercial spaces, they also supply Aged care dining chairs Melbourne to be used in old age homes, nursing homes, medical facilities and other places. These chairs have been designed for old age people to sit comfortably and enjoy their daily activities without any trouble.

Customers can also check their Mental Health Furniture Sydney and request for a free design consultation by visiting the website http://www.knightsbridgefurniture.com.au.

About Knightsbridge Furniture:

Knightsbridge provides creative banquette seating and booth seating solutions. They also supply a commercial range of hospitality furniture and aged and health care furniture. The company specializes in creating quality custom made fixed seating, wall panelling, bar panelling, custom made bedheads and specialised ottomans for government departments, restaurants, schools, universities, clubs, bars, shopping centres, hospitals, medical centres, offices, hotels and resorts. Their complementary range of banquette seating and furniture for these applications includes: reception furniture, waiting room furniture, beam seating, sofas, lounge furniture, coffee tables, dining chairs and tables, recliners, aged care chairs, health care chairs, bariatric furniture, outdoor furniture, barstools, gaming stools, cafe furniture, restaurant tables and tub chairs.

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