17, March 2016: The distinguishing feature of Airwheel Q series is their twin wheel system, providing easier balancing, especially for those unfamiliar with electric personal modes of transport, and it will be much stable on irregular road surfaces. Frederica thinks that it is time to have a change of her dull life and she has tried many ways. The Airwheel Q3 twin-wheeled electric scooter turns out to be a success. Airwheel Q3 goes with the classic black and white. And Frederica chose the white one to add enjoyment to her life.


The Airwheel Q3, available in three variants with different autonomy is the founding model in the series, the first to make use of a gyroscopic propulsion system and twin wheels, both Airwheel trademarks; the frame's functional design and clean lines make it an ideal means of transportation for any situation.In Frederica’ s opinion, Airwheel Q3 is ultimate in design. Thanks to its unique technology, Airwheel Q3 intelligent electric scooter breaks all sales records between other self-balancing two wheeled vehicles. Incredibly powerful engine, high battery capacity and robust design make Q3 an easy target for anyone who is looking for the best. Q3electric self-balancing scooter is the flagship of all models and can go almost 50 kilometres fully charged. It is a complete product for commuters.


The Airwheel Q3 self-balancing electric scooter comes in different battery configurations, allowing all users to find the one that best suits their needs, opting for an Airwheel Q3 twin-wheeled electric scooter with greater autonomy or choosing a more lightweight model, depending on their customary travelling conditions.The simple and practical design is reflected not only in the look of its frame, but also in its accessories. Frederica bought herself an Airwheel Q3 twin-wheeled electric scooter to add enjoyment to her life, so are you.

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