02, January 2015: Mommy Tracy just says… “Love it! Keeps my child from bitching about the sun and keeps me from desiring to run my automobile into a tree.” On a more significant note Jeri Zerr, who also left a 5.0 from 5 star rating, states… “This is a 2 pack of sun shades, and they are somewhat rectangular, making them ideal for wider sized windows. The Freddie and Sebbie vehicle sun shades are best for keeping the sun out of young tender eyes! I hadn’t initially understood that there were 2 sun shades folded together in a reusable shipping pouch, which can also be used as a simple storage pouch, while the shades aren’t being made use of.”

Car Sun Shades

She continues the evaluation by stating… “One side of the shade is plastic and facing the window. The front side is made from a soft material mesh, which is the side that prevents UV rays getting through . It’s not only ideal for the summer season, however likewise in winter snowy conditions too, when the sun reflects off virtually everything, making for exceptionally bright conditions. The automobile sun shades are made with quality workmanship and appear to be designed for long resilience, so I would definitely recommend them to others.” Karin Reilly, another Amazon verified purchaser providing 5 stars, states… “Fantastic car sun shade. It sticks straight to the window so you can position it where you actually need it most. The case has 2 shades, and I do like the way the shades safeguard you from UVA rays.”

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Another mommy has left what Amazon has actually classified as one of the most helpful evaluations, who says… “I actually adore this shade! This is the 4th shade I’ve bought, and this one works well. The other shades I have didn’t do so well with toddlers and infants. The roll variation is simply horrible, and soon became full of small tears. They can in fact poke a child’s eye because of the metal content on the bottom. The Freddie and Sebbie one is just ideal. It sticks so well, and it truly shades out the sun and does keep my young child cool. I have a 4 door Infiniti g35 sedan, so it does not cover the back completely, however it does offer good enough protection, as far as width, but what actually makes this product so great is that it can also be repositioned as the sun is repositioning itself.”

Official company spokesperson for Freddie and Sebbie, Neil Speight, states that they are really pleased with the quality of feedback from consumers for the dual pack automobile sun shades. He added… “Thanks a lot to each one of our clients who take the time to report back about item quality. It’s good to see that we have been able to offer a solution to assist parents secure their children from hazardous UV rays, while taking a trip out in the auto, not just for the summertime, but likewise for bright snowy conditions.”

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