02, January 2015: It has recently been announced by Freddie and Sebbie co-owner Neil Speight that discount prices are already readily available for the majority of their car and kids products, which are exclusively sold on Amazon. He stated… “We’re a little early, but our Christmas discount prices have already been turned on with some items that have more than a 70 % reduction compared to typical prices. A brand new product; the Freddie and Sebbie front seat vehicle organizer, has a saving of 71 %, now being sold at simply $9.97, which we hope will soon start to get the first 5 star client review scores.”

Freddie and Sebbie

The announcement likewise mentions a 60 % price cut for 2 other popular products, consisting of the Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Hook Clips, which are also available now for $9.97. The other accessory with a Christmas high discount price is the Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Sunshade, which is now readily available for simply $7.97. Mr Speight included… “We wished to have the ability to provide a minimum of three of our best selling luxury product accessories to consumers this Christmas for under $10, so were entrusted no choice then needing to reduce existing prices with discounts of 60 and 70 %. We just hope it doesn’t upset returning customers who discover items are now cheaper, so I should simply confirm that these are just momentary Christmas discounts, so we will certainly be altering prices back to normal, once the holiday season concludes.”

The Freddie and Sebbie co-director also said… “Our best selling product of all has also been awarded a high price cut, the Kick Mats already having a 40 % price cut shown, so the item now retails at $19.97. This really is the perfect Christmas gift for moms and dads with long-legged children in the back of the car, as the kicks mats assist in preventing carseat backs from getting scuff marks left by kids shoes.”

There are also a variety of Freddie and Sebbie products with Christmas price cut prices with 20 and 30 percent knocked off, including a stroller organizer, a car seat protector, an automobile window sun shade, a toy hammock, and the baby rear mirror, now available for retail at $24.97. Neil added… “All our items sold all on Amazon currently have their Christmas discount rate prices showing, and will be sold at existing prices either til stocks last or til the holiday has concluded. Right here from Freddie and Sebbie, we want to wish all our clients an extremely delightful holiday season, and a thriving 2015. We will certainly continue to offer moms and dads with viable solutions for making life simpler with kids around throughout the coming year.”

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