Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Fragment-based Drug Discovery Market: Library and Service Providers, 2020-2030., covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.


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Key Market Insights

  • Over 85 firms are involved in providing fragment-based drug discovery-related services; of these, around 40 players claim to offer both libraries and technologies
  • Industry stakeholders offer either customized fragment libraries or proprietary screening technologies, a select few claim to provide both; however, the expertise related to fragment optimization is still limited in this domain
  • Majority of stakeholders in the competitive market landscape are small / mid-sized firms, offering a variety of services to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele, featuring industry and non-industry players
  • Stakeholders are actively expanding their capabilities in order to enhance their respective fragment-based drug discovery service portfolios and thereby, maintain a competitive edge in this upcoming industry
  • The rising interest in this field is reflected in the number of partnerships inked in the recent past, involving both international and indigenous stakeholders, and focused on drug discovery for diverse range of indications
  • Considering the prevalent trend of drug discovery and approval, we are led to believe that the fragment-based approach has the potential to enable significant time and cost savings
  • The market is expected to witness growth at a CAGR of ~10%; the anticipated opportunity is likely to be distributed across various types of screening techniques, services and geographies


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