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New look gates and fences from Four Winds give maximum protection and enhanced looks

Essex, United Kingdom, January 19th, 2011 Legendary garden design company Four Winds (http://www.4-winds.co.uk) is stepping up to the security mark with its new range of wrought iron railings. The company, which has been delivering superb garden designs and garden furniture (including fences and gates) for years, has just brought in a new range of ultra modern, ultra chic fences and gates that are guaranteed to make the perfect border for any outside space.

The gates and fences, which are constructed mainly of wrought iron, have been faced with clean looking squares of natural wood. The overall effect is something like a Japanese garden very modern, very sleek, and a perfect blend of the natural and man made. The wood facings serve to block views of the property from outside the boundaries of the fence while the wrought iron railings allow people in the garden to feel that their space is wide and open, rather than completely enclosed.

Four Winds has created the ideal mix of security and beauty here. The iron parts of the fence and gates are of course extremely strong: while the wooden parts blend in with the natural materials of a garden, allowing fencing and gate areas to look much more natural than they would if they were just iron.

The wrought iron railings installed by Four Winds are completely guaranteed, and can be fitted alone or as part of a full garden makeover. Four Winds is one of the United Kingdom‘s leading garden design companies, and prides itself on its ability to create designs and outdoor spaces that really reflect the personality and the life style of the person who has hired the company.

About Four Winds

Four Winds is a UK based garden design company offering wrought iron railings and fences for Essex homes. Soft landscaping and hard landscaping offered as a part of their garden design projects.

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