The four types of beards and what they say about the people sporting them.

Beard comes in different sizes, shapes, and forms. Each is said to mean something about the person who sports them.

The Guardian published an article on different types of beard and what they say about the persons who wear such styles.

The Superbeard: The superbeard is a long and bushy beard that took years to grow and can rival that of Santa Claus. According to the article, the commitment of the people who grow their facial hair to this kind of massive beard reflects the kind of commitment they are willing to give in the other aspects of their lives.

The Upside-down: Upside-down beard is a style of beard wherein the beard looks like it can easily replace the hair on top of the head, while the latter can replace the beard itself. Most often, people would cut the hair on their head really short, resembling a quarter of an inch long beard. On the other hand, the beard is kept long and flowy, resembling the long set of hair on the head. The article described men with upside-down beards as wacky and have complete disregard on other people’s opinion.

The Monobeard: Monobeard is the style of beard that forms a perfect circle along hair line, to the cheek, and chin. There is no discontinuity between the hair on top of the head and the facial hair, forming a continuous border around the face. Because the style pretty much requires extensive time and intensive attention to keep, a person with this kind of beard are known to be perfectionist.

The Bon Iver: This type of beard is described as “wild man’s beard” because this style was left to grow without additional unnecessary trimming or grooming. Left to grow by itself, the Bon Iver style of beard is said to be the type of beard sported by men who are free-spirited, wild, and adventurous.

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