Shanghai - There are a lot of points which people should pay attention if they want to rent a good apartment in Shanghai. For most of people who live and work in Shanghai, the house renting should be not an easily thing. Today, the professional Shanghai apartment agency maxviewrealty would let people fully know these attentively points.

The first aspect which people should care for should be the price of the renting house in Shanghai. According to the data from website , the best monthly rent should be less than one-third of the cost of one month salary. However, if the renting price is higher than this critical value, people will feel more pressure in per month¡¯s life. For people from other countries, they should pay more attention to this point.

The second factor should be the location of the renting house. Take Shanghai for example, the area within the Shanghai subway line should be very convenient. So, if people¡¯s work place is in the city center, people may wish to find a place to rent out along the subway line because the outside area could help people save a lot of money and the rental environment will be also much better. But if people¡¯s working or studying place is outside the city centre and very far away, then they have to calculate the costs in detail. Because the more the house location goes out, the price difference between renting houses would be smaller and smaller. If people feel this matter is very difficult, they could also ask help from the professional house renting agency such as

The property management should be crucial factor which the tenant needs Maxviewrealty to care about. If the living district has a property company and the service is very well, people do not have to worry about the commonly elevator accident, robbery and disturbing neighbors. On the other hand, the living area with excellent property management companies should usually have green environment which will bring with people the delightful mood. If there is no property company, then people should consider a lot of thing. What about the public security? Whether there are commit crimes at the near area or not? Does the maintenance for elevator is regularly or not?

The surrounding environment should be last point in this article. The convenient should be the first standard for the surrounding environment of the renting house. The restaurant, supermarkets and banks are necessary for people who want to rent good house. People should also note the KTV and other entertainment places because the noise from these places would disturb people¡¯s rest.

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