China - Security holographic sticker should be the most familiar thing for each friend in their daily purchasing in supermarket. This thing has been applied in everywhere of people¡¯s life and it could help people understand the true information which related to items they would buy. So, it could play the important role in the crackdown. However, apart from the holographic technology, there are also other special techniques which could reach to the function of anti-imitation. Today, the editor from famous China manufacturer and supplier for holographic sticker, which website is , would introduce with people some newly created anti-imitation technologies. Here we come to understand the four kinds of specific anti-counterfeiting technology below.

The first one is called the hidden markings technology. This technique makes use of special ink that has a strong hidden capability. If people want to detect it, they could use the appropriate detection equipment such as fluorescent lamp. Most of these marks would be visible under ultraviolet light. Compared with the technology of holographic sticker, this technology is very limited because of the necessary equipment for detection.

The second security technology makes use of the temperature changing. The special ink would have color changing under the situation of heat rising from the environment. It could be usually divided into reversible and irreversible security ink color. Most of them use the reversible color ink. If people heat to the text, the text will be red. This method is very convenience in people¡¯s daily life.

The third technology is the water drip disappearing. This technology was holographic sticker developed on the basis of the selective irradiation and etching. Part of the identity would be made with a special translucent microporous forming a predetermined pattern with the help of special ink. People could put a drop of water to white pattern and the pattern will disappear. Pattern will be restored after the water drying. This technology is currently the simplest method in counterfeit detection.

The last one should be the laser gear mark lifting-prevention technique. This technique makes the use of laser cutting in the producing process of identification. The surface of identification had been left the corresponding marks. Once the paste logo has been lifted it will be destroyed. It could play the role of anti-lifting and anti-metastasis. The application of this technology help enterprise prevents identity lifting and reusing.

The editor from famous holographic sticker supplier said the above four kinds of anti-counterfeiting technologies can also applied together. This can help the security label play a more secure and reliable role. On the other hand, it could also help to make up for the deficiencies and defects of single anti-counterfeiting technology.

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