28 December, 2013: The founder of Aspect Holidays, a Cornish cottage rental company bought by Classic Cottages in 2012, has announced her plans to retire. Jenny Smith had remained in control of Aspect even after selling the company to Classic Cottages, but is now ready to step down from her managing role.

Aspect Holidays was founded in 1989. At the time, Jenny offered only a handful of cottages for rental, but throughout the years that selection expanded to include around 300 properties in St Ives and West Cornwall. The company has also expanded out of its home office in Hayle to two other offices in St Ives, and the number of staff has steadily grown to the current seventeen-member team.

The decision to become partnered with Classic Cottages was made last August and stemmed from the fact that Smith had no direct family successors who could take on the management of the company. The offer to their fellow Cornish holiday home renters was thus finalised and Classic Cottages’ managing director Anthony Skitt began working closely with the Aspects team, led by operations manager Amanda Stitchcombe.

According to Skitt, it is not Classic Cottages’ intention to change the way Aspects Holidays is run, but merely to offer advice and support on strategic decisions. The parent company’s managing director had nothing but respectful words for the Aspects CEO, who, in his opinion, contributed a great deal to the economy in the St Ives area. Skitt stated that it was his intention to continue to withhold the values that Aspects Holidays originally hinged on and that, while Jenny would be missed, he would do his best to continue to build upon the company’s success.

Smith, on the other hand, declared that Classic Cottages was, in her opinion, the right company to take her business forward, before stating that she was looking forward to enjoying retirement in the company of her husband.

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