Tax expert and author Frank Ellis has published an article on that explains IRS Form 1040EZ and provides instructions for taxpayers when filing.

May 31, 2016 — “IRS Form 1040EZ & Instructions for Filing” is now available at Tax preparation planner and author Frank Ellis reveals insights about this simple form. First, he points out it is for those with a taxable income of less than $100,000 and who don’t have any dependents to claim.

The one-page form has four sections, the author says. He also points to two online sources where people can prepare and file their federal taxes at no cost. The sections of the form are explained next. Personal information is at the top and Ellis tells readers the details to be entered here, including their filing status.

People can report their sources of income next. The types that can be reported on 1040EZ form are limited to wages, tips, salaries, and taxable interest of $1,500 or less. Income such as dividends or alimony cannot be reported here, the author notes. Deductions and exemptions are combined with gross income, and one’s taxable income is calculated. Ellis notes that with online filing, these calculations are done automatically.

There is also a section on payments, credits, and tax. The author explains how one can enter tax payments made by their employer that was withheld from paychecks during the year. He also says those eligible for the work pay tax credit or the EIC can claim them here, but these are the only credits that can be claimed on the form. Online filing makes this step easier as well.

In addition, Ellis includes a section on calculating one’s refunds and amounts due and links to an online tax refund calculator. The author then recommends e-file and refers to ways one can download the 1040EZ form from TurboTax. Lastly, he stresses the major benefit of online tax software and its ability to import W-2 information without the risk of human error.

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