With most of the major currency pairs moving sluggishly during the Asian Forex trading session, the only currency that did well at Forex floor is AUD and that is because of the consumer spending report release indicating 1.7% rise in October further improving the consumer confidence in AUD.

USD Forex trading:

USD trade weakened at the yesterday‘s New York session after the statement of Russian Finance Minister that he was expecting the continuation of the reserve diversification.

Further downturn in the currency was restricted for the reason the US equity market failed to rally and indicating the short-term risk aversion response giving time to USD to recover its losses. The equities dropped to -0.3% with bonds also trading at lows mystifying the risks in the trading.

Yesterday‘s USD trade was the fourteen-months low with gold trading again at its peak. The consumers are seeking buyers for earning maximum profits from gold.

According to the morning briefs, the crude oil prices are still getting the good market support in spite of expectations of increase in the crude oil gains depending on the DOE crude oil inventory data to be release on tomorrow.

Today‘s US Trading Events: FOMC meeting minutes and US September Retail Sales Data release are the awaited events of the day.

EUR/USD spot at 1.4845 traded with initial support of 1.4646 trailed by 1.4481 and initial resistance of 1.4908 trailed by 1.4980.

USD/JPY spot at 89.85 traded with initial support of 89.35 trailed by 88.01 and initial resistance of 91.63 trailed by 92.53.

GBP/USD spot at 1.5915 traded with initial support of 1.5450 trailed by 1.5296 and initial resistance of 1.6120 trailed by 1.6207.

AUD/USD spot at 0.9075 traded with initial support of 0.8985 trailed by 0.8866 and initial resistance of 0.9130 trailed by 0.9206.

OIL/USD spot at 74.72 traded with initial support of 72.15 trailed by 71.21 and initial resistance of 73.94 trailed by 74.79.

With these currency pair updates and USD trading reaction at the Forex window, let‘s wait for the upcoming data releases today and then analyze the impact of the trading indicators.

The article puts forth information about the Forex trading figures and performance of the USD against major currencies.

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